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Success Seeker

Dear Success Seeker International Book Awards Winner 2011

About The Book

Letters to future generations...
Letters to past and present generations...

With a foreword by Camille Cosby and an exclusive interview with Gayle King, the book Dear Success Seeker presents a collection of 85 original letters personally written from the desks, dining rooms, and gardens of some of the world's most remarkable and extraordinary women in entertainment, medicine, education, business and much more. And they were written for you.

Michele R. Wright and others including Joyce Meyer, Ruby Dee, Billie Jean King, Rosa Parks, Leeann Chin, and Patti Labelle have put together advice to inspire you to a new place of self-awareness--that you can dare to be anyone and anything you want to be. This book is written to people of all ages including 20, 40, 60, or 80-somethings who wish to choose a new and greater path for success that is unique to their spirit, talent, and passion. Through the invaluable advice of these amazing women, you will learn how to appreciate and embrace your challenges and inevitably make them your allies in the rise to your unique success story.

Special Note Written to: Author Michele R. Wright, Ph.D.
Vice President and Founding Board Chair, WISE Scholars Foundation
From Marshalette R. Wise, CEO, President & Founding Director
WISE Scholars Foundation "Preparing Today for Higher Education Tomorrow"

"I believe that no birth is accidental.
Each of us comes with a specific purpose to fulfill"
--Ruby Dee

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