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"Hello Dr. Wright....I found your book at the library and am enjoying it so much! I have received so much enlightenment from the outstanding women featured. I am blessed to have five successful children, entrepreneurs and business professionals, who are living what my late-husband and I tried to instill in a matter of fact, my youngest daughter is a Tuskegee University graduate, with a degree in engineering....and my oldest daughter is an up-and-coming inspirational/motivational speaker.....and my other three children have excelled in the fields of computer scientists/specialists, real estate, and the fashion design you see I am most proud! I would love to gift my girls a copy of your book....and share it with my sons as well. Thank you."

    -Cassandra Mathews

"Praise the High God in whom we esteem the most! [Dr. Michele Wright], I have gotten a chance to read over your [Dear Success Seeker] book and it has given me an extra motivation in what I am called to do. It was this season of duty to gleam from different fields and only God randomly chooses the direction of my knowledge and revelation. It is imperative that I flow in the success for the next [phase] in my life. Thanks for your confidence and your motivation that is a gift to the Body of Christ!"

    -Prophetess, Denise Green

"You [Dr. Michele Wright] are my inspiration to realizing that I could become more than I ever thought possible. I hope everyone reads "Dear Success Seeker".......
It's amazing how someone else's journey can be a life changer. And speaking from my heart, I have gained more strength, love, hope and wisdom from knowing you,
Dr. Michele Wright."

    -Lisa J. Williams, Lisa Williams Photography

"Dr. Wright, Happy 4th of July! I am almost finished with your book (Dear Success Seeker] now, and I'm very inspired with the advice and stories of all who have shared their "secret sauce" with those of us who strive to do more, be more. It is gratifying to see a common thread of worship, giving thanks, working hard and surrounding ourselves with great mentors. Thank you so much for blessing me with a copy of your book. God bless you on this day and all the days of your life."

    -Nick Ferrara, CEO at NJF Online Video Strategies-A Guerrilla Solutions, Inc. Affiliate

"Dr. Wright, my heart is singing and smiling! Your "Dear Success Seeker" book will forever bring me strength and empowerment because each page brings with it yet another reason to continue, another idea for giving, a greater meaning of love and an appreciation for our Creator. He placed us here for others and God has allowed me to know some wonderful human beings and best of all God knew I needed Michele at the right time. Love, hugs and blessing always!"

    -Lisa J. Williams, Lisa Williams Photography

"P.S. One of my many favorite pages from Dear Success Seeker is Page 21."

"This [Dear Success Seeker] is one of the best books I have ever read! Once I cracked open the pages I was thrilled at the treasure that lies within with all the words of wisdom from notable people known and unknown. The words are some impactful and awe-inspiring towards achieving my personal definition of success in this life. This book found me at the right time in my life. Through this book, I feel like I have been able to sit at the feet of trailblazers and those who have accomplished great success, and partake of their wisdom. I appreciate Dr. Michele Wright for taking time to create such a work of art that can inspire and help so many on their journey. Thank you for impacting people you do not even know through this wonderful book. I hope one day, I will be worthy of an interview such as those who wrote in the book, once I reach my level of success."

    -Freida Key, Insurance Adjuster, Atlanta

"Dear Success Seeker offers information and inspiration to women, expanding their horizons."

    -Phylicia Rashad

"Great inspiration, full of principles that can be applied by anyone seeking success."

    -John Atchison, Hair Salon Owner and Educator, New York City

"Readers will find much inspiration and encouragement in this collection of letters."


"[A]n inspiring read for the aspiring business man or woman looking for wisdom on how to take their career to the next level."

    -Yasma Stringer, Neuro Oncology Sales Specialist, Jackson, MS

"Dr. Wright, your testimony was a touching moment for me. It should be made available to kids with learning disabilities in speech and slow development. You are a gift from GOD. Keep the will to make a change in others."

    -Edmond Blackmon

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