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Success Seeker: Shelda Garland, Hope, AR

A Must Share: Approximately 2 months ago, I started reading this fantastic book of letters but only made it to the 6th letter of 83. The following days consumed me with normal daily tasks and worries about my future. Prior to the new year, I decided I needed to give myself more attention; invest more time in me; and most importantly, work on my relationship with the Lord. I'm so ready to see some changes in my personal life. Today was a stormy day which caused me to cancel plans at the park with my 3 kiddos and 3 nieces. They are such creative kids--they found alternative joy in making up a skit, writing it down, practicing it, and later performing it. So, while they were consumed with the joys of pretending, I was afforded some time to myself. What could I possibly do? Read more


Success Seeker: Krishan Trotman, New York, NY

I had a great job, in a great company, and my family thought I was simply...great. I smiled at work because I was genuinely happy to be there. I was doing what I loved, and what most English majors dreamed of upon graduation--getting paid to read, write, edit at a major publishing company in New York. I was an editor. Yet life can get a little complicated when you're comfortable. Ugh. Although I was completely content with my job, I knew I needed more. There was a nagging feeling following me around the office. It was only four years but time for a new challenge. My mom worked at her first job for 25 years! I was frustrated with that feeling. T.D. Jakes suggests that if you're not shaking while walking into a meeting than it is time to change your job. You should always feel challenged. I hated challenge. Consistency and stability were friends of mine. Most people like scary movies and rollercoasters. I never did. Read more


Success Seeker: Pastor Lloyd Lasker Jr., Mayflower, AR

As a man, I never thought that I would read what I thought was a book geared towards women. But to my surprise, I realized that even though Dear Success Seeker is a book written by successful women, it gives sound advice to all on what it takes to be successful in this life.

My story is not very simple, and most of my struggles started at a very young age. By the time I was thirteen years old, I dealt with depression coupled with the strong desire to commit suicide. For about three years, I came up with numerous plans to take my life, and daily I tried to muster the courage to carry out one of those plans. These time periods not only affected my school life, but ultimately lead to a life of drug and alcohol abuse. Most people think that all people that choose this route come from broken homes with no guidance; however, my life was far from that. Read more


Success Seeker: Joan Holman, Minneapolis, MN

When I was young, I was very ambitious and wanted to have grand achievements in my life. When I graduated from college, I secured a fantastic job and in less than a year, I was promoted to a very high level position. I loved my job and was quite successful in the eyes of the world. Although I was doing well in my work, I was not able to have a committed and close relationship with a man. I made work my life and lamented about not finding the "right man." Then, after a few years, I had a personal crisis that led me to get some counseling. My therapist helped me understand that my drive to succeed was based upon my ego's need for achievement as an overcompensation for my core feeling of inadequacy. She also helped me realize that my inability to have a close relationship with a man was based upon these same feelings of inadequacy. Read more

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